Your goal, my passion: generate ImmoLeads yourself!

Want to attract new properties to your business?

Mario Müller - web designer and marketing expert since 2006

I'm Mario Müller and I've been online for over 15 years and have generated over 1,000,000 leads & sales*.

You want to know how to automatically generate customers who want to sell their property? The inquiries should land directly with you and not via a lead seller? You want to pay only 50 euros per inquiry instead of 180 euros, without having to share this with the competition? Then I can help you.

*Mainly in the finance & insurance industry.

Provide knowledge

What I offer

Whether big or small, every task has a certain challenge. After 15 years of professional experience, I decided that I want to share my experience.

Expertise in very many areas

Through my rich activities of the last 15 years, I was able to gain a lot of experience in all areas.

Small excerpt:

  • Social media - from A to Z
  • Cross-channel retargeting across all channels
  • Development of relevant advertising campaigns
  • A/B Testing - Ads, but also landing pages
  • Native advertising - advertising in familiar places
  • SEO | SEA - Search engine advertising space
  • Web development with or without CMS
  • Speed optimization of a website

Avoid burning money

Getting a new campaign profitable really costs money. It is very rare to achieve a positive ROAS (Return of Advertising Spend) with the first campaign. 

If you don't exhaust all possibilities of all pixels at the beginning and follow the right strategy, you will burn a lot of money.

Intensive courses for everyone

Whether beginner or expert, I am happy to offer all my intensive courses. These are seamlessly put on the own knowledge.

Not a fan of too much bilingual jargon. The right words make up for it and save time, explanation time. But there are a few exceptions here as well.

With the reduction of an incomprehensible language, a lot of knowledge can be conveyed faster. The "aha" effect occurs more quickly.

Teach a starving man to fish (Quote: Confucius)

It is important to me to teach especially the "fishing" and that directly on their own project / product. I support you completely in the construction or conversion of the landing page, up to the evaluation and optimization of the ads.

There is no all-purpose solution for the diversity of products. Therefore, such intensive courses directly on your own product or other project are worth their weight in gold.

Mario miller


wide-ranging expertise

Web Development

Html - web development with or without CMS | CSS - core languages of the World Wide Web | MySQL - foundation of a website

Social media

One of the first advertising bookers at StudiVZ and their networks, to today's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Co.

Native Advertising

In German "Werbung im bekannten Umfeld" is a very exciting form of advertising, which will increase very strongly in the coming years.

Marketing research

The cornerstone of black figures in the balance sheet. Market research, analysis and creation of a marketing plan.

Customer acquisition - Retargeting

Beautiful campaigns bring Likes & hearts, but then what? From interactions, win customers. That is the goal.


Search engines advertising space around the clock, due to the lack of space one of the most highly competitive markets on the Internet.

Win new customers

Request a quote

As soon as you have sent this form, I can create a concept proposal for the acquisition of new customers. Including a cost estimate, what you need for a new customer (request for a real estate sale) in advertising budget. In addition, a small step by step plan, how exactly the support from me could look. The goal is: that you alone and especially automated, generate new customers for your real estate business.